Through our projects, locale has built up years of expertise in converting rental units to condominiums. We are now partnering with third-party property owners as consultants to manage the process for them from A to Z.

There are many reasons property owners decide to convert, including the maximization of property value and to free up (or build up) equity capital. While each project is different in terms of its challenges and opportunities, we have developed a special framework to very efficiently and cost-effectively achieve successful conversions. Please get in touch to set up a free 30-minute consultation to answer any questions you may have about the process and to determine if converting your property to condominiums is the right move for you.


Basic Stages of Condominium Conversion:

Stage I. Condominium Approval/Zoning Department
Stage II. Certificate of Occupancy

  • Condo conversion specs*
  • COO building department applications

Stage III. Final Parcel Map Processing
Stage IV. Finalize Condo for Sale and/or Management

  • CC&R documents
  • Insurance
  • HOA establishment

*Project management of municipal building department specifications/regulations not included here



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